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[心得] XAPO Bank

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參考 :
虚拟币友好银行!年轻人的第一个私人银行账户!王小二心心念念的银行!XAPO Bank 已开放中国居民注册

全球首家銀行可提存USDC!Xapo Bank合作Circle:比SWIFT更快更便宜 | 動區動趨-最具影響力的區塊鏈新聞媒體 BLOCKTEMPO

目前沒有美元滙出(曾經有, 但不知何時再恢復 ... )

年費: 150美元.

美元存款, 年利率 4.1%.

接受歐元/英鎊/USDT/USDC/Bitcoin 入金.

除比特幣外, 其他存入的資金都按實時滙率自動兌換成美元.

有三個法幣帳戶 : 美元/歐元/英鎊
三個虛擬幣帳戶 : Bitcoin/USD Coin on Ethereum/Tether on Ethereum

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根據底下兩部影片, XAPO Bank 應該已經有美元匯款功能以及"美國銀行ACH轉帳"功能 ...

走资大结局?相逢恨晚,甜如初恋!XAPO Bank 深度应用指南  王小二

币圈安全出入金 安全出U不冻卡 usdt直插xapo 实体卡也收到了 在外区消费近似无损 消费还有返利 从此走资 投资又多一利器 轻松绑定wise/嘉信互转免手续费降低风控 同时支持第三方收付款  五道口老实人

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真正“日不落”的离岸银行,资金出海绕不开的通道,Xapo Bank来自二战战壕的创新金融机构。  金融無名氏

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"美元 ACH" 和 "美元匯出", 在 9月25號之後, 又變成不行了 ...

底下是我收到的信件 ... :

  1. Closure of FedACH rails
  2. Hello XXXX XXXX,

  3. I’m writing to inform you that with effect from Monday, 25th September at 11pm UTC, you will no longer be able to make USD payments with US bank accounts via FedACH or USD deposits via FedACH and Fedwire.

  4. We introduced the FedACH rails on 6th September to allow you to make fast and affordable USD transfers. At Xapo Bank, keeping members’ funds safe and operational remains our top priority. After close observation, we found that the ACH rails did not meet the high-quality standards we expect. In our members’ best interest, we’ve made the difficult but necessary decision to discontinue these rails.

  5. We acknowledge that this may cause temporary inconveniences for you and, as such, we are diligently working on incorporating new USD rails. We will let you know via email as soon as we have an update on this.

  6. You will be able to keep funding and sending money from your US dollar account using any of the methods below, with zero additional fees charged by Xapo Bank*:

  7. USDC & USDT

  8. You can send and receive USDC or USDT to and from your Xapo Bank US Dollar account. We also instantly convert USDC to US dollars using a 1:1 conversation rate when it is sent to your account.

  9. SEPA network

  10. As a result of our integration with the SEPA network, you can receive funds in your account in EUR from financial institutions from all the SEPA participant countries. These include all EU countries, the three European Economic Area (EEA) countries of Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland, as well as Switzerland, Monaco, and the United Kingdom.

  11. All EUR deposits received by Xapo Bank are automatically converted to USD. You will also be able to send funds from your Xapo Bank account in EUR to financial institutions in all the SEPA participant countries. Across withdrawals and deposits, you will enjoy competitive exchange rates, which are managed by Xapo Bank.

  12. Faster Payment System

  13. As a result of our integration with the Faster Payment System, you can receive British Pounds in your Xapo Bank US Dollar account from banks in the UK and participating territories, as well as digital wallets like Revolut and most exchanges. The pounds are instantly converted to US dollars and credited to your account, based on the US dollar to British pounds exchange rate.

  14. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals

  15. Xapo Bank offers access to institutional grade security for the storage of your Bitcoin. You can deposit and withdraw BTC 24/7.

  16. Lightning Network

  17. Through our integration with the Lightning Network, which enables lightning-fast Bitcoin payments, Xapo Bank members can instantly pay for small purchases of up to $100 USD equivalent in BTC at any vendor which accepts Lightning payments.

  18. I want to reassure you that your US Dollar funds are safe with Xapo Bank and your ability to hold a US dollar account is not affected by these changes. Xapo Bank is a fully registered and licensed bank in Gibraltar, meaning you automatically enjoy the protection of the Gibraltar Deposit Guarantee Scheme**.

  19. Kind regards,

  20. Salvador
  21. Account Manager

  22. If you have any questions, please contact me via in-app chat or email support@xapo.com

  23. *Xapo Bank may charge fees to cover the networks' fees on transactions.

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光是地址證明就耗費了一個多月 ...

瑞訊銀行的對帳單, 不行. ...
英文版的戶籍謄本, 不行. ...
YUH 銀行的對帳單, 不行. ...
中文版台電的電費單, 不行. ...
地價稅單, 不行. ...

英文版的台電單子, 我沒試過 ... 參考: 【地址證明】如果要求電力帳單英文版的話,該怎麼辦?  鐵眼 IRONEYE

後來看到底下的文章有提及財政部國稅局有英文版的綜合所得稅納稅證明書, 於是去申請看看, 並用它來提供給 XAPO Bank ... 不到一天, XAPO Bank 終於讓我通過了這地址證明...

Wirex 英文地址驗證 教你3步驟超簡單通過驗證  FengBro

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Xapo Bank IOS App 被 Apple 下架了, 20231025 ...


  1. We’re writing to inform you that due to changes in Apple’s policy, from 25th Oct 2023 11:00am UTC, you will no longer be able to redownload the Xapo Bank app on iOS devices via your local App Store if you delete it or swap your device.
  2. However, if you do not delete the Xapo Bank app, you can continue using it and will receive automatic updates without interruption.


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20231203, 我在 Wise 中以 YUH 的 Debit Card 對歐元帳戶充值 ...

隨後, 從 Wise 歐元帳戶以 SEPA 匯款方式匯到我的 Xapo EUR 帳戶中 ...





方案: 年繳 150美元 ...


方案: 月繳 14.99美元 ...


定存, 利息每日算 ... :



使得我可用的資金變為零 ... :


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tinyding 發表於 23-12-4 07:17
20231203, 我在 Wise 中以 YUH 的 Debit Card 對歐元帳戶充值 ...

Daily USD savings interest :


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tinyding 發表於 23-12-4 12:04
Daily USD savings interest :

BTC Savings ... ?




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隔天的計息 ... :

Wallet :





Wealth :




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第一次使用 USDC ERC20 方式匯款 ... :


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  1. How do I know which region my iOS App Store is from?

  2. You need to check your Apple Store country region. Once you have determined which country your iOS App Store is from, you can confirm if the Xapo Bank app is available in that region’s iOS App Store. To do that, you can follow these steps:

  3. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  4. Tap on your name.  
  5. Tap on “Media & Purchases”
  6. Tap “View Account”. You might be asked to sign in
  7. Tap “Country/Region”
  8. Tap “Change Country or Region.” If you don’t see it, log into appleid.apple.com and scroll down to see which country is listed
  9. Scroll down the list until you see your country marked with a tick
  10. The country marked with a tick is your country iOS App Store store

How To Download iPhone Apps Not Available In Your Country App Store

今早, 我執行 Xapo IOS App 時, Xapo 程式提醒我目前是舊的版本, 需要 Update ...
我的手機是 iPhone 14 ... Country/Region 在 Taiwan, 根本找不到 Xapo 來更新版本 ...

但是我在 Telegram 的 "跨境支付知多少" 群組中, 看到好幾次別人提及切換到那些地區後, 是可以安裝 Xapo IOS App 的 ...

然後, 我根據上述文章和影片, 我將 Country/Region 切換到 "United Kingdom"(當然, 我也使用了 VPN 將 ip 切換到了英國... ,但我不確定更換到英國 ip, 是否會影響到搜尋結果 ... )

街道地址填了一個英國地址 ...
Postcode: 填了一個對應該地址所屬的 HP2 4HE ...

成功切換所在區域後, 再來尋找 Xapo IOS App, 就找到了! ^_^

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tinyding 發表於 24-5-15 08:51

更新完 Xapo 版本後, 我發現它多出一個 UMA (Universal Money Address) , 參考: https://www.xapobank.com/resourc ... ersal-money-address

  1. Can I send fiat and crypto to my Universal Money Address (UMA)?
  2. The UMA can be used for sending and receiving traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. It eliminates the need to have IBAN or long and unfriendly crypto addresses. Xapo Bank will support UMA withdrawals in Q1 2024 and deposits in Q2 2024

  1. Does Xapo Bank support UMA deposits and withdrawals?
  2. Xapo Bank is one of the founding members of the UMA network. We are working to enable sending funds to other network participants in Q1 2024 and receiving deposits in Q2 2024.

在搜尋相關資料時, 又發現底下的相關網站 ... :

Universal Money Address (UMA): Open Source Standard. Like Email for Money.

The source of truth protocol definition for UMA

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tinyding 發表於 24-5-15 15:33
更新完 Xapo 版本後, 我發現它多出一個 UMA (Universal Money Address) , 參考: https://www.xapobank.co ...

Xapo iOS App 的版本, 可能要至少 Version 9.12.1 以上, 才看得到 UMA ...

 樓主| 發表於 24-5-16 18:50 | 顯示全部樓層
tinyding 發表於 24-5-15 19:17
Xapo iOS App 的版本, 可能要至少 Version 9.12.1 以上, 才看得到 UMA ...

底下是其他站台對 UMA 的介紹 ... :

What is a Universal Money Address?

Lightspark for Universal Money Addresses - Lightspark :

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